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Michigan Bride | Thursday, 26 April 2018
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Your Wedding Cake: The Crowning Touch To Your Wedding PDF Print E-mail
Written by Vernon Z. Cole   
Friday, 22 February 2008

Your wedding cake is the ?crown? and crowning touch of your wedding and in essence the culmination of all your wedding and wedding reception plans and planning. No longer are you limited in your choices in your choices of wedding cakes. It used to seem that there were only a few available choices for wedding cakes with all being topped by a plastic bride and groom figurine.

Sure wedding cakes have traditions. But that does not mean that your cake does not have to be special as well as unique. The tradition of wedding cakes goes all the way back to medieval times when wedding guests would each bring a small cake to the wedding. These smaller cakes would be stacked on a table in layers. It was considered good luck if the bride and groom could kiss on top of this stack. Even the ancient Romans had a tradition of handing out sweets at weddings.

It can be said that today wedding cake specialists have become artists, indeed culinary artists in their own rights. The most imaginative palettes of colors, textures and cake flavors are available. The world?s your oyster now when it comes to choices for these cakes. Your cake might be a sleek, elegant confection sheathed in rolled fondant or an asymmetrical tiered whimsy reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. Other ideas are to use cupcakes or other individual cakes ? all put together in one building block to appear as a traditional wedding cake. Indeed your wedding cake can be almost anything you wish desire or imagine.

Like anything else in the wedding and wedding reception catering industry the very best bakers book up well in advance of your special day in the sun ? your ?wedding date?. It is best to search out and choose a baker who you can work and communicate with, one who is willing to spend the time with you to create a unique most memorable wedding cake that reflects the theme and style of your wedding. Thus first plan your attire, d?cor and menu of the wedding. After that the cake can be chosen to be the towering crown of the event. One point of note is to verify any lettering, words and names both with the people involved, in order to get the absolute correct spelling. Verify and recheck all spelling with the baker. Or their assistant.

When it comes to personalizing your cake the variations and possibilities are almost endless and limitless. For example you can take the pattern on your tablecloth design and use that same pattern in the icing all over the cake. Or you can use as a model a flower or another feature of the bride?s wedding dress. It?s only left to the imagination of yourself, your wedding consultant and your baker of the cake what the end result could and can be.

Lastly plan ahead who will cut the first cut and slices of the cake. As well ensure that an adequately sized knife is available on hand. It is generally the norm, but not always that the first cut of the wedding cake be performed as a couple together by the bride and groom. A ceremonial knife or even more imaginative props can be used to make this event most special and memorable. After all it is your ?day in the sun?.

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