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Michigan Bride | Sunday, 22 April 2018
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Written by Nathan Sire   
Friday, 04 April 2008

Congratulations on getting engaged! As you begin to plan your special day, you will have to make numerous decisions, many of them financial. To make those decisions easier for you during this exciting time, a budget is the best way to keep you stress-free. Here are a few things to consider as you plan your wedding.

Decide who will be paying for the wedding. Will you be going the traditional route of the parents or father of the bride contributing to the event? If so, the father of the bride pays for everything involving the wedding except the tuxedos, groomsmen gifts, rehearsal dinner and honeymoon.

Are you more of a modern bride and want to pay for the big day yourself? This can be a stressful situation on the bride and the cost should be shared by the groom or other family to lighten the burden.

Pick a date and location. Flexibility is important to remember when selecting a date and location for your wedding. This should be done when you first begin to plan your wedding, because every decision surrounds the date and time. You won't be able to hire a photographer if you don't know the date and proximity of your wedding.

Remember weddings aren't just reserved for Saturday nights anymore. It is more common in the last few years to hold a wedding on a Friday evening or Sunday afternoon. It may even be slightly cheaper in price if you chose another time other than a Saturday night.

Make a realistic list and budget. Organization is key to having a successful budget in place. Keep all of your paperwork and information in a binder or organizer to make it easy to find things related to the wedding. A good tip on budgeting is always setting the prices a little higher than what is expected, in case things are added on at the last minute.

Shop around. Price comparisons are crucial to getting the best deal for your wedding. Get multiple estimates from every vendor, including photography, flowers and reception halls. The lowest estimate may not always be the best vendor. If an estimate you receive is within your budget and you like them better than the lowest offer, select that one. You need to feel comfortable and happy with your selections, since they will be sharing in your special day with you. Experienced professionals that have been in the wedding industry for years will be able to meet your budget and satisfy your needs to make your wedding memorable and unique.

Work with a wedding planner. If your budget allows, hire a wedding planner to assist you. They will be able to help with all the details and alleviate a lot of stress and worry you otherwise may experience. Can't afford a wedding planner? A family member may be able to fill that role if they're reliable and organized and willing to take on the responsibility of helping you plan your day. They will also be a good sounding board for ideas you may have and it will be fun to have someone close to you share in the planning of your wedding. Utilize them to help with all the planning stages, or just one or two, whatever you need assistance with. They'll be happy to help and you'll be a little less stressed.

Have fun! Remember it is your wedding and you should enjoy

the day. If something doesn't go exactly as planned,

don't worry. It's your special day and it will be fabulous no matter what! Keep in mind these tips to ensure you have a smooth wedding planning process. Good luck!



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