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Michigan Bride | Sunday, 22 April 2018
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Michigan Wedding Location Challenges PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kip Ferguson   
Friday, 18 April 2008

Michigan is a very diverse state which is why many of us live here. This can, however, cause problems when attempting to plan events and weddings are no exception. The nice part is that at the same time Michigan does offer a wide variety of options for a bride to select from to make that special day what she has dreamed of. The hardest part may just be keeping that dream turning into a nightmare.

The first hurdle the bride must cross is deciding on a location. Michigan offers everything from the traditional church to the less traditional beach wedding with a variety of venues in-between.

A church is usually the first choice of many brides. In most cases churches will offer few challenges in terms of the elements. You will want to make sure that the church is heated/air conditioned on the day and time that you plan on holding your ceremony. Keep in mind that the church may conserve energy by only managing the temperature on Sunday morning. Additionally, some facilities may have trouble adjusting to "unseasonable" weather, but more on that later.

The safest option may be facilities that exist for the sole purpose of holding your wedding. These wedding chapels exist to make your day perfect and in many cases have done this hundreds of times before. Another benefit of these facilities is that they may be a one stop shop for all of your bridal needs. The individuals who manage these facilities are usually wedding planners and can assist with all aspects of the planning.

An option that falls into the fairytale wedding setting that many brides have dreamed of is the little stone chapel on the top of a hill somewhere. They may not all be stone, or even on a hill, but they all have that quaint feel to them. You need to be very cautious with these locations as they offer a variety of challenges. The first is that many of them do not have temperature control which makes them unbearable in cold winter weather or hot summer days. The second is limited facilities. It may be difficult for the wedding party and guests to get to the location and it may not offer a staging area for the bride.

Some brides may overlook the option of getting married at a lodging facility. Resorts may be a little bit more obvious because they will market to this audience. However, larger hotels usually have facilities that would accommodate a wedding. Some smaller hotels especially Bed and Breakfasts will also accommodate a wedding ceremony. The Bed and Breakfast option can also let you get away somewhere for the ceremony, but still have that close "married at home" feel to it.

The last option is the one that is the hardest on a Michigan bride. Planning an outdoor wedding in Michigan offers challenges that should not be attempted by the faint of heart. Michigan's weather is constantly changing and the amount of time in advance needed to plan a wedding does not lend itself to these quickly changing weather patterns. With that being said, if you are still set on having an outdoor wedding in Michigan there are some items to keep in mind for ceremonies being held on the beach, in the park, in the woods, or just in your backyard:

1. If possible have a gazebo or pavilion close by
2. Have a secondary location available in case the gazebo or pavilion doesn't provide enough protection
3. Choose wedding party attire accordingly. A sleeveless bridesmaids dress is going to be miserable if the temperature drops. A shawl might be a nice addition.
4. Inquire about other events that might be going on in that area. The person renting you the gazebo may not think that the gospel concert attracting 1000+ people will bother you.

Regardless of the location, keep in mind the wedding is about the union of two people who are making a commitment to each other. The location is a secondary concern.

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