Everyone is entitled to One Major Wedding Disaster - Planning a Disaster Free Wedding There seems to... | Michigan Bride | Wedding, Day, Disaster, One, Into - Michigan Bride Everyone is entitled to One Major Wedding Disaster - Planning a Disaster Free Wedding There seems to... | Michigan Bride | Wedding, Day, Disaster, One, Into - Michigan Bride - Michigan Bride
Michigan Bride | Sunday, 22 April 2018
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Everyone is entitled to One Major Wedding Disaster PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jerry Carpos   
Friday, 02 May 2008

Planning a Disaster Free Wedding

There seems to be no such thing as a disaster proof wedding. Most people find their wedding day to be laced with at least one significant disaster. This article isn't really so much about how to avoid your wedding disaster, or even how to minimize the wedding disaster potential, but how to handle one so that the disaster does not have to ruin, or even heavily impact, your wedding day.

Planning a wedding is one half optimistic jubilation and dream realization and one half delegation. If you can delegate well and do so without being offensive or annoying, your wedding day plans are likely to come together with fabulous ease. If, however, you become too demanding, delegate too heavily and heap piles of responsibilities onto just one or two people, or try to master every chore yourself, you are definitely asking for wedding day disasters to show up and make themselves well known on the big day.

Small Disasters, Large Disasters, and Opportunities

Disasters are going to range from small to large. Anything can happen on a wedding day. The flower girl might wet her pants or the groom might faint, forget his vows, or forget where the church is and what time he is supposed to be there. Using your potential disasters as an opportunity requires a very special mind set, but one that anyone is able to achieve. Weddings become so important, especially to women, because they earmark an event that is "supposed to happen" in a very "specific manner."

When we can start to let go of the "supposed to" and "should" theories, then we can focus in a more determined fashion on what is most vital to us, why we are going through with this highly expensive and taxing endeavor, and how we can make sure we enjoy our own wedding day. For all the money, time, energy, and thought that we put into a wedding, so many men and women alike find that they either barely even remember the day or didn't have time to enjoy the day. We spend, on average, more money, time, and energy on our weddings than we do our vacations and yet we don't enjoy them or remember them? How logical is that?

Turning a problem into an opportunity is not easy, but it is very simple. Learning to recognize that there is room for both improvement and for change in the traditional wedding ceremony is the first step. The second is learning to allow yourself an ideal emotional day and let the details fall as close to as you hoped as possible. If your emotional experience is beautiful and life affirming, the physical experience around you will be better.

A Change in Priorities Breathes New Life into Weddings

A simple change in your priorities may be just what you need in order to achieve your perfect wedding. Simply changing your perspective may very well alter the entire wedding day experience. Remaining flexible is just the beginning. Allowing the flower girl to change into different clothes after she wets her pants isn't going to alter the emotional joy you have while you exchange your wedding vows. Watching your about—to—be—husband go on the fly when it is his turn to recite his wedding vows allows you to witness honest beauty rather than watching him blow it.

These small but vital changes in perspective are a strong piece of bringing together the perfect wedding day.

Ditching the ideas of "could be" and "should be" and "want it to be" and transforming your day into an honest celebration of love, family, friends, and the future creates a while new vibe for the entire wedding.

With enough perspective alterations your wedding day can go from that story book fantasy that ends with a notated disaster that stands to ruin the whole day to a beautiful day without pretense, without judgment, and without emotional distress.



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