East Michigan Wedding: Reception Planning Bliss - There are many east Michigan wedding receptions... | Michigan Bride | Michigan, Have, Should, Wedding, Planning - Michigan Bride East Michigan Wedding: Reception Planning Bliss - There are many east Michigan wedding receptions... | Michigan Bride | Michigan, Have, Should, Wedding, Planning - Michigan Bride - Michigan Bride
Michigan Bride | Thursday, 26 April 2018
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East Michigan Wedding: Reception Planning Bliss PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robert Reno   
Sunday, 30 March 2008

There are many east Michigan wedding receptions that are planned each year. How will you make yours distinctive? Reception planning bliss is something not to be considered far fetched. I have laid out some simple tips that will have you dancing your way to I DO!


I would consider myself a classicist. I believe certain things should be classic, like a tuxedo. For example, a man should have a classic style tuxedo and table numbers should be the same way. They should be calligraphed and practical. A lot of times people have names of tables. If you have 300 people at your east Michigan wedding trying to find the right name of the table then itís not terribly practical. It can be very confusing. I would recommend doing two very clear calligraphed cards with good paper, good stock. They are literally just casually propped at the table and then can be removed after everyone is seated. You can minimally decorate by putting a gardenia at the base or something like that. A simple detail can go a long way with reception planning bliss.


The bride should be as informative as possible. It is very important that she thinks about all of her likes and dislikes and relay those to the east Michigan wedding professionals she is considering. Be really in tune with the companies you interview. Is the wedding company asking the right questions? What is the style of company you are talking with? Can they accomplish what you are looking for? It is important to keep track of your budget and any quotes and specific services mentioned by companies in the interview. And one piece of major advice is to let your vendors do their job. I personally do not believe in the surprise system. I donít think that anything should be left up to task. All brides have the right to see everything that requires their feedback. Iíve been in this business too long that after spending lotís of time with the bride that you have one thing in mind and she has something else in mind. You do not want to arrive that day and be disappointed. The less surprises your vendors give you the closer you will be to reception planning bliss.

Planning the reception for your east Michigan wedding should be a fun time. There are so many different options from which you can choose. You may want to make your selection depending on how well your vendors can inspire you and visa versa. All can be a reality it just takes planning and vendors whom will help you achieve reception planning bliss!

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