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Michigan Bride | Thursday, 26 April 2018
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Black and White Wedding Theme PDF Print E-mail
Written by Denise Sanger   
Monday, 11 February 2008

Black and white are two common colors in everyday life. Not only are they useful colors, they also look amazing when paired together. A black and white wedding could always be a fun theme to take on. And why not, these two pigments are always fun to play with!

One thing a black and white themed wedding should have is the black and white checkered floor, such a cliché idea, but also an amazing one! Imagine the men in their black tuxes, and the women in black and white dresses spinning around on a black and white checkered floor. If you're the type of bride that doesn't care if you're the only one wearing white or not, then you could always have all the women wearing white, and all the men wearing black, or vice versa. The theme can be carried over into the ceremony, and the after party. Time to paint a picture!

Imagine walking into the ceremony room. Every chair in the room is covered with a black cloth, and tied in the back is a single white ribbon. The flooring can be simple wood or tile, but these decorated chairs on top of the black and white checker flooring would be a perfect combination. The walls are painted white, and thin sheer black curtains are draped from the ceiling. Scattered along the floors are white rose petals. The bride walks down the aisle in a white dress, complete with black accessories and jewelry.

The ring bearer walks down as well, and underneath the wedding ring is a black and white ring bearer pillow. The groom is in a black suit, with a black shirt, only his tie is white. Perhaps a single white rose pinned on would be a nice idea. All of the bridesmaids are dressed in white as well, but their outfits will have touches of black including accessories and bridal jewelry and the groomsmen will be in black tuxes.

As we make our way into the celebration room, we find this room decked also out in our black and white theme. The tables are all covered in white fabric, and the chairs are similar to that of the similar, just reversed colors. On all of the tables there is a black vase and the only color in the room are the variety of flowers in the black vases.

Where each guest is to sit, there is a small black card with the guest's name printed on it in white. In the center is a small collection of candles in a cream color with black XOXO's printed on the side. A black and white guest book is set to the side on a small end table for the guests to sign and leave their wishes for the couple. Black and white two of a kind heart shaped playing cards are perfect little gifts for the guests to take home with them to remember this wonderful celebration.

A black and white wedding is great for those that want to remain traditional, but also want to add more pizzazz to their wedding. Contemporary, and classic at the same time, a black and white wedding is perfect for any bride!



Denise Sanger is the owner of several wedding websites including and carries a diverse catalog of bridal jewelry and bridesmaid jewelry sets.


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