Why Owning a Tuxedo is Better than Renting - Why Owning a Tuxedo is Better than Renting Cont... | Michigan Bride | Tuxedo, Formal, Want, Owning, Tux - Michigan Bride Why Owning a Tuxedo is Better than Renting - Why Owning a Tuxedo is Better than Renting Cont... | Michigan Bride | Tuxedo, Formal, Want, Owning, Tux - Michigan Bride - Michigan Bride
Michigan Bride | Thursday, 26 April 2018
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Why Owning a Tuxedo is Better than Renting PDF Print E-mail
Written by Janine Giorgenti   
Friday, 22 February 2008

Why Owning a Tuxedo is Better than Renting Contemporary men desire to express themselves and want to have more flexibility when choosing tuxedo styles and accessories. The need for more options, to get exactly what they want, has opened new purchasing possibilities. Today, there are many style options available when choosing the "perfect" formal wear to suit the occasion.

Renting a Tuxedo Is No Longer the Only Option

Many men have assumed that renting a tux and the accompanying accessories is their only or best option. Most tuxedo shops, however, due to budgetary constraints, limit their overhead by carrying only as much merchandise as they can afford or can get away with. This leaves the consumer with limited and bland choices. Let's face it, once you see that page in GQ your heart desires the savvy-looking tux with that cool-looking shirt and vest and that "gotta-have-it" gray bowtie... Who wants the tired, traditional "penguin suit?"

Tuxedos Are Worn For the Most Memorable Occasions

Tuxedos are worn for the most important, memorable occasions, such as weddings, proms, awards dinners, galas, state dinners, and opening nights at the theater or opera.

Tuxedos bring fresh excitement and fun as you frolic on the town, dressing up for New Year's Eve parties, Black Tie Night on cruise ships, and other fancy, formal occasions.

These are the highlights of your life that you want to remember, so step out in style with your top hat and cane, and look and feel like a million bucks!

How Do You Decide If You Should Rent Or Buy?

So, when should you rent and when should you buy? The rule of thumb is, if you wear a tuxedo once or twice a year, it makes more sense to buy. A tuxedo typically costs just a little more than a suit and will pay for itself after being worn for a few events.

Get Exactly What You Want!

This is your fantasy. Sometimes, the event is so momentous that it is best that you take the lead and have your tuxedo custom made. This holds true especially when you are carrying out a special theme like a beach wedding, renaissance wedding, art deco wedding, coat and tails or a special color theme. Will you pay more? Yeah...but to get exactly what you want, is it worth it? ... You bet!

There Are Other Advantages to Owning a Tuxedo

* A custom made or tailor fitted tuxedo will fit better, feel more comfortable and be more flattering, thus giving you a better appearance.

* Due to OSHA laws, rental tuxedos are dry-cleaned frequently, so the fabric will not look or feel as fresh and soft as your own personal tux. Also, you don't know who's worn it before ... "Yuck"

* You will actually save money if you wear a tuxedo to more than one or two formal events a year.

* Due to expected over-use and abuse, rental tuxedos are made for commercial durability and cannot give you the same drape and luxurious feel as a personally tailored tux.

* One of the biggest advantages of owning a tuxedo is that it allows you to attend an event at a moment's notice.

* The best part is, no waiting for the rental company to get your tuxedo in from the warehouse, plus the inconvenience of getting measured and re-measured for every event.

Owning a Tuxedo Clearly Has Its Advantages

If you rarely attend formal events, or looking special and unique on these occasions is not important to you, owning your own tuxedo may not be necessary. However, if you do attend formal events and you want to shine, owning a tux clearly has its advantages and makes sense.

A Tuxedo Can Be Custom Designed or Tailored to Your Taste

A tuxedo can be custom designed, or you can choose a ready-to-wear model and have it tailored to your taste.

Either way, it is a good option and you can reap the benefits and enjoy it for years to come. It is a worthwhile investment that will make you look absolutely fabulous, feel comfortable and exude confidence at your next formal event.

So, enjoy your tux, raise your glass, smile and say, "CHEERS!"



Janine Giorgenti is a renowned fourth generation Italian designer, image consultant and custom clothier. Visit her website at
http://www.bestcustomtuxedo.com for more style advice and fashion tips.


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