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Michigan Bride | Sunday, 22 April 2018
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Wedding Jewelry Trends: Unique, Personalized, Meaningful PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lauren Matthews   
Friday, 22 February 2008

Not so long ago, unique designs in wedding jewelry were rare. Wedding jewelry pieces all resembled each other and custom didn?t allow for much difference. The inspiration was often the rings of the bride's mother or grandmother. In wedding rings, originality came in the form of the size and cut of stones. Pendants and necklaces offered more creative and personal options, but still stayed within the standards of what society considered proper for the times.

Today, people search for individuality in their wedding jewelry, placing value in uniqueness and originality. Now it is fashionable to have jewelry that is unusual and uniquely yours with special meaning. Having bridal jewelry like everyone else's is definitely no longer the fashion. Today's brides and grooms like to express their individuality and uniqueness with their wedding jewelry.

Many couples choose personalized wedding jewelry today based on personal meaning or as an expression of a sentiment felt deeply. A ring is not just a ring, nor is it simply a symbol of a union. A couple joining may attribute much deeper value to the ring, believing it to be a circle of never-ending love or a representation of togetherness without parting. They may choose rings with the desire to begin a family heirloom tradition as well.

Wedding jewelry trends are also leaning towards historical aspects for originality, turning back to a time where technology meant little. Roman numerals are becoming more popular as symbols in wedding jewelry that couples exchange. These numerals can increase the significance of an event by marking the date of it in permanence through jewelry. Roman numerals communicate permanence and steadfastness.

Private messages and discreet meanings are another reason that couples are leaning towards unique wedding jewelry. People enjoy their secrets and sharing personal messages with a loved person can be a very touching moment. They might include special words or symbols on their rings with meaning known only to them. The wearers carry symbolic wedding jewelry close to their heart and take comfort and joy in the knowledge of private meanings these pieces hold.

Having the wedding couples names added to personalized rings can be a romantic symbol of their commitment and of the permanence of their union. A personalized name wedding ring will keep their spouse with them always.

An engraved ring with the couple?s names, wedding jewelry with stamped dates or messages, or the exchange of pendants personalized to the couple?s style and tastes are all expressions of sentiment and symbolism used in unions today. While many people still prefer traditional plain wedding rings, often custom made and tailored to individual preferences, some couples have embraced the trend of exchanging pendants or bracelets, a practice that was common centuries ago.

Just as each person is unique and every couple individual, so is each wedding ceremony and the wedding jewelry that symbolizes the union. Couples now write their own vows, choose their own type of ceremony, celebrate in the fashion they prefer, and they also select which unique wedding jewelry will be a token of their love and affection.

Lauren Mathews is a designer with Sorella Jewelry Studio. Offering unique, personalized fine jewelry customized with your choice of names, words, roman numerals, and Chinese symbols, Sorella's creations will be treasured forever. Our specialty is jewelry with Chinese Symbols. Visit Sorella Jewelry Studio

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