What does the colour of your lingerie say about you? - If you've been browsing through any fashion mag... | Michigan Bride | Lingerie, Look, Colour, Colours, These - Michigan Bride What does the colour of your lingerie say about you? - If you've been browsing through any fashion mag... | Michigan Bride | Lingerie, Look, Colour, Colours, These - Michigan Bride - Michigan Bride
Michigan Bride | Thursday, 26 April 2018
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What does the colour of your lingerie say about you? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Julie-Anne Smith   
Tuesday, 04 September 2007

If you've been browsing through any fashion magazines lately you'll have seen the new styles coming through for Autumn. Berry colours are going to be everywhere - purples, maroons and reds. I was watching a 'fashion pundit' on television the other day who said to get the look right you need to wear the same colour from head to foot! However, if you don't really want to end up looking like a giant blueberry and would rather introduce berry colours more subtly

Luckily lingerie comes in a huge range of colours this season and the choice available for us ladies is fantastic ? basically we are going to be spoilt for choice. The colour of your lingerie speaks volumes about the person wearing it ? take a look:-

Red - diligent, appreciative, resolute and reviving;

Orange - tender, brave, liberal, lavish and unselfish;

Yellow - incisive, fair, sharp, honest and unprejudiced;

Green - sensible, benevolent, talented, tolerant and discreet;

Blue - peaceful, faithful, virtuous, reflective and sacred;

Indigo - organised, optimistic, pure, discerning and compliant;

Purple - artistic, mystic, boundless, noble and altruistic;

Black - creative, idealistic, hidden wealth and strong;

White - truthful, benevolent and unspoilt;

Grey - sane, authentic, Spartan and reputable;

Silver - revealing, impartial, astute and contemplative;

Gold - enlightened, abundant, mature and achieving.

Autumn reveals its softer side, so why not curl up in delicate laces and soft knits in muted shades of berry, amethyst, toffee and tobacco? Choose bejewelled, embroidered or layered over a contrasting colour, blacks and berries undoubtedly dominates this season, lending a theatrical look to the autumn lingerie collections.

Now summer's fresh blooms are giving way to something a little darker
? take a look at slinky satins, smoky hues and black trims. These extras give this season's florals a sophisticated edge.

Attention to detail ? look at the intricate embroidery, delicate overlays, keyholes, boning and slim satin ribbons incorporated in lingerie items giving this season's special occasion lingerie a handcrafted feel.Stronger than summer's pastels, this season's deep blues feature in many of the best fashion pieces

? but you might well find a favourite everyday bra in navy or petrol too.

But remember - ensure you are wearing the right size bra, so that you get excellent support and an impressive flattering shape. Stick to smooth bras for wearing under fitted or sheer tops as these are best for not showing through these coloured tops.

Wear streamline or fitted shapes - more flattering than baggy clothes. Choose tops with seams or darts under the bust - these will define your waist and make you look slimmer.

FINALLY - women come in all different shapes and sizes. No matter which colour lingerie you choose
? maybe a colour which you love, or you think reflects your personality, a woman must be comfortable in whatever she chooses.There are excellent styles and colours available from manufacturers such as Anita, Charnos, Panache, Royce and Vanity Fair ? take a look the gorgeous, new ranges ? they may surprise you!!



Julie-Anne Smith is owner of Amplusfigura.com ? online lingerie shop which sells plus size lingerie. Log on to see range of lingerie and seam-free bras that are currently available ? http://www.amplusfigura.com


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