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Michigan Bride | Thursday, 26 April 2018
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Top 10 Ways To Find A Real Travel Deal! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jennifer Prymula   
Sunday, 06 May 2007

Psssttt?. Do you want to know the best kept secrets for getting the best value for your honeymoon ?

#10 Don?t travel over holidays or school breaks (generally spring break is considered from Presidents Day to the end of April!).
#9 Travel arrangements purchased as a package- air & hotel and quite often car or sightseeing- is generally a better price than by purchasing each component separately. Sometimes you?ll even be able to receive bonus amenities!
#8 Get your passport early! Expediting fee?s can start at $60 per person and go up to $200 or more! Plus travel insurance will not cover you if your passport does not come in time and you have to cancel.
#7 Do not book your honeymoon or destination wedding at the last minute. If you wait you will pay premium price and find that the honeymoon suite you had your heart set on is sold out! Most hotels are reporting occupancy levels of 90% and during peak travel times are selling out!
#6 Have your travel agent let your hotel know that your celebrating a special occasion -quite often you?ll score a free upgrade or extra amenities like a bottle of champagne.
#5 Purchase travel insurance. It may add to the upfront cost but if something goes wrong it can save you a lot of moolah and frustration!
#4 Be careful ?if you chose to book online you are acting as your own travel agent! If something goes wrong??.you may end up paying more in the long run plus the added frustration may put a real damper on your honeymoon !
#3 Using a local travel agent can save you money, frustration and time! Not all travel agents/agencies are created equal- interview a few to find which one has your interest at heart. Finding a good agent is worth their weight in gold!
Travel professionals have access to charter flights, insider knowledge of resorts and cruise ships and can bundle travel arrangements to save you money. A good travel professional will get to know you and can recommend a specific resort or cruise ship to make sure that you are correctly matched- this can make or break your vacation! If you have a choice between two packages that appear identical and price out nearly the same and one is a nightmare and the other is your dream honeymoon ?booking it on your own how can you be sure which is which?
#2 Be flexible with your travel dates - a day or two may save you hundreds of dollars!

And drum roll please?..the number one way to find a real travel value is?
#1 Booking your honeymoon at least 6-8 months before you plan to travel! Depending on how far in advance & what type of air service ( charter vs. scheduled air) you may only have to pay $100-$300 deposit on your honeymoon and can get some incredible early booking discounts!
Unfortunately, most couples plan the wedding details in the order that it chronologically occurs thus leaving the honeymoon as the one of the last details. This can literally cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars more. By waiting you may have to compromise on one of the most enjoyable aspects of getting married!

About the author: Jennifer Prymula, owner of A Romantic Voyage by Sand, Sun & Savings is certified as a Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Specialist by The Travel Institute. A few of Jennifer?s other certifications include Certified Sandals Specialist by Sandals Resorts, Hawaii Destination Specialist by the HVBC and an Accredited Cruise Counselor with CLIA. Jennifer is also a member of the West Michigan Wedding Association, Kalamazoo Bridal Association and Allegan Chamber of Commerce.. You can contact Jennifer at 269.686.0595 or visit her website at

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