Honeymoon And Wedding Destinations - Starting a marriage usually includes planning a... | Michigan Bride | Honeymoon, Different, Wedding, Enjoy, One - Michigan Bride Honeymoon And Wedding Destinations - Starting a marriage usually includes planning a... | Michigan Bride | Honeymoon, Different, Wedding, Enjoy, One - Michigan Bride - Michigan Bride
Michigan Bride | Thursday, 26 April 2018
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Honeymoon And Wedding Destinations PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rob Carlton   
Friday, 31 August 2007

Starting a marriage usually includes planning a wedding and choosing among the many honeymoon vacations. By starting your marriage with a wonderful trip together, you are helping to create a memory that you can build your marriage on. It does not matter whether you want a relaxing honeymoon or an adventure filled one, you are sure to find exactly what you and your future spouse are wanting.

1. Hawaii
The top of the wedding destinations and honeymoon vacations in the United States is the islands of Hawaii. It offers many different feelings for a honeymoon, including relaxation, activity, and a mix of both. There are beautiful beaches, wonderful food, and many different activities for you to partake of. Exploring the islands is part of the charm of Hawaii, because you can find hidden waterfalls and other romantic spots for you and your honey to snuggle and relax. Watching a sunset together can help to increase that romantic feeling and it will make a memory that you will never forget. If you are more active, then you can always go surfing, swimming, or you can play tennis or golf. What you do is entirely up to you and your spouse!

2. Niagara Falls
This is another popular spot for a honeymoon vacation. This is a beautiful and stunning place where you can see the second tallest waterfall in the world. Some people even choose Niagara Falls as their wedding destination. You can take many different trips to locations around the falls, too, so that you can keep busy and enjoy your honeymoon.

3. Walt Disney World
Florida offers a wide variety of different activities, but there is no other location that is like Walt Disney World. This is one of the top wedding destinations and honeymoon vacations. If you have been looking for somewhere that you can have fun and relax, then look no further. Walt Disney World can be the location that you are looking for.

4. California
Most people think of the beaches and crowded streets when they imagine California, but there is much more to this state. From quaint cities, to mountains to hills, you can find all of this in one place called Napa Valley. This area is known for being wine country where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and wine tastings. Bed and breakfasts abound where you can enjoy quality time with your spouse sleeping and hanging out. If you enjoy wine and scenery, then Napa Valley can be the perfect place for your honeymoon.

5. Las Vegas
This is known as one of the most popular wedding destinations, but it will also be a great place for a honeymoon. Honeymoon packages abound at the many different hotels and resorts in this city and you can find many different activities for the two of you to share. Your honeymoon should be based on what you and your partner enjoy. It does not matter whether it is the Hawaiian beaches, the mountains of Napa Valley, or Las Vegas, you are sure to have a romantic and exciting honeymoon together.

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