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Michigan Bride | Sunday, 22 April 2018


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Written by Geraldine Jozefiak   
Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Sometimes a bought card just won't do and you want to know how to make a wedding card that will delight the happy couple. There are as many ways to make a wedding card as there are off-the-shelf ones, but the choice needn't daunt you. Just take look at some of these ideas of what you can use and start gathering any bits of bling you can get your hands on.

If you're a planner then you might just work out what you want to create before hand. But if you'd rather go with the flow then your card might come together organically - as it happens. Sometimes these kinds of creations work better than step-by-step ones.

You'll need a central eye-catching design. This can be made from anything from doilies, mesh, fabric, ribbon or braid. There are no hard-and-fast rules on what to do and how to do it because handmade cards are truly individual.

You may like to sketch something out 'in rough' before you begin to help you to put some thoughts together. Perhaps shading, or coloring in blocks of card will help you to balance your ideas before you move onto the fabric itself.

Think about whether to include names and personal details and how you could incorporate print, ink, or transfer graphics together with other 'stock' materials. Sometimes it's the mixture and placement of materials that makes a card extra special.

Play around with layers of things before you stick them down, positioning them in different places. Look at the effect different colors and materials make as you build them up. You could add something wacky or tonal in the middle, or set it off-center if that makes more impact.

Where and how you place your bits and bobs will depend on the size of the background card and what you've got to use.

You'll also want to think about the overall size of your card too. If you are hand delivering your card then there are no restrictions on the size - or shape of your card (you could think of making a shaped rather than a rectangular card).

Remember that Mail services often restrict the overall size of your envelope and a deep box-like card will require a more robust covering. In some cases the weight or size of your card will be reflected in increased postage.

Try not to keep everything in neat ordered lines or layers, but spread things out, tear, rip, pink or splodge! The idea of a handmade card - is just that - that it looks handmade, but professional. So be neat but creative, flowing but focused.

You'll soon know if it feels right. Just like the essential of Fung Shui - the art of placement, things will look and feel right when they are in the right place. So don't be afraid to experiment and see what you can create.

You may find yourself making more than one special card and you'll then have the skills to know how to make a wedding card anytime you choose.

If you know the couple well then you may be able to link in with their chosen colors or styles. The bride may prefer bolder colors over muted ones, or go for a more traditional feel where you favor something more contemporary.

Bear the couple in mind as you choose your materials and your layout. Ideally, you'll have the time to 'play'

around before you embark on the finished article.

You can get some great ideas from looking online. There are special magazines that concentrate on greeting cards and weddings and you're bound to find some inspiration inside one or two of these magazines.

If you're fortunate to have the space, then make a few trial runs at your card, ask friends for their opinion - as opposed to their approval.

Remember that card making is very personal, but for this special occasion you're trying hard to be objective. That is, to think of the bride and groom rather than your own preferences. Put yourself in their shoes and think about the type of card that they would like to keep with their memorabilia of the happy day.

There are a wealth of ideas out there and some exciting materials to use that don't have to be expensive. You can easily get off-cuts of satin, ribbon or lace at your local market and with the right background card stock you can make a handmade wedding card both you, and the couple will be proud of.



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